Manual steering racks generally use very simple rubber seal technology. In consequence, the drivers’ feel can be impaired due to seal friction. This becomes particularly important in race cars where a smooth steering transition is needed to ensure optimum car positioning around the track and particularly through corners.

Our PLS Seals used in the steering box pinion substantially eradicate the friction problem immediately giving much-improved steering “feel” for the driver.

In Power Steering applications we have worked to overcome problems found after prolonged motorway driving. Rack seal stiction was the cause of a jerking problem when requiring more steering wheel movement exiting the motorway. Using our PLS Seal technology in the hydraulic steering rack will eliminate the stiction problems keeping the drivers’ “feel” normal at all times and at all speeds.

In modern racing cars, the standard rubber lip seals can cause over-heating of the powered steering system so by including our low friction PLS Seal technology in the steering valve & pump we can significantly contribute to reduced heat generation in the steering system.